Standing on My Own Two Feet Helped My New Career

When I left my ex-husband, I promised myself that I would work hard to try to make a good living. He had always been the major breadwinner between the two of us, and I knew that I was just as capable as he was. I ended up surpassing him and making so much more money than he ever did after reading a 7 Figure Cycle review that I came across online. I wouldn’t say that I came across the review by accident. I was trying to find ways to make more money and that is when I read the review. I had always wanted to sell online, so I purchased the program to try to learn as much as possible after reading the review.

My ex-husband took every chance he could to put me down when we were together. For a long time, it really affected my self-esteem. He knew exactly what he was doing and did not care. Keeping me under his thumb made him happy. I was tired of living that way, so that’s when I left. I had very little money on the day that I moved out, but I summoned up all my courage and told myself that I would just work hard until I could earn as much money as possible over time.

I ended up opening an online shop. My mother gave me a small loan so that I could purchase items wholesale to sell at a higher price to customers. My brother offered to make me a website, and I jumped at the offer. He also helped me to gain new customers, too. He really wanted to see me succeed. My sibling helped me to remember that there are good guys out there, and all I needed to do was to focus on work and not rush. I need to make sure that I waited for the right guy to come along in the future.

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